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Saturday, January 30, 2010

On the Trial of Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders is a Dutch libertarian-conservative (NOT "extreme right wing" as he has been painted) on trial for criticising Islam, and hence offending a group of people.
Here is a proposed re-write of the Netherlands' national anthem:

(to be sung to the tune of "Het Wilhelmus")

The triers of Geert Wilders--
Are they of true Dutch blood?
Their fatherland in peril,
They moo and chew the cud.
William of Orange goes rolling
In his grave beneath the ground;
His feckless heirs go crawling,
Lest they be "bigots" found.

It's fine to mock at Jesus,
And to Christians be a foe.
But criticize Muhammad--
Just ask Theo van Gogh.
When the modern Duke of Alva
Comes waving crescent moons
They lick his boots in submission
Like cowardly poltroons.

"Lest we be declared bigots,
"We'll sell our children's lives
"Our country's hard-earned treasure
"to cure Bouyeri's hives.
"Theo van Gogh's murder
"Taught us nothing at all,"
These judges, whimpering and whining,
To Islam now they crawl.

When the next Duke of Alva
Comes with the crescent moon,
The triers of Geert Wilders
Will make their daughters swoon
And submit to open outrage
To prove their liberal stand,
And nod their heads approving
When thugs pillage their land.

Long live the First Amendment!


  1. Hey Mr. H., I'm glad you pay attention to the travesty that is the Wilders trial. My dad's newspaper, allegedly Belgium's best, won't cover it, because crimes are best done in the dark. Subsequently, my father, like 99% of Europeans completely clueless, would only ask 'Wilders? Who's that?' if I asked him his opinion of the trial.

    Yeah, quite a good parody you penned, sorry, keyboarded there.

    Hey, been reading your Avatar review. Bwahaha, this quote was spot on:

    and that the primitive Communism posited by Marx as the original stage of human culture conveniently ignored the way in which hunters who brought back deer certainly fared better with the females of their bands than the ones who could only bag turtles, snakes, and rats.


    Outlaw Mike/Belgium

  2. Outlaw, sorry to hear about European cluelessness.