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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy New Year!

Welcome the Year of the Tiger!

Pili-pala-peng! Pili-pala-peng! Pili-pala-peng!(That's Taiwanese Mandarin's onomatopoetic way of expressing the sound of firecrackers exploding).

It's times like this when I feel nostalgic for my times in Taiwan, when there was lots of food, the conviviality of an extended clan, and family visits. Granted, as Christians, my wife and I did not take part in any ancestor worship; but I know that Chinese-speaking churches will be offering prayers of gratitude to the Almighty for another year of grace. While we in the West get some flavor of the season around Christmas and Thanksgiving, they aren't quite the same.

But, maybe, the reason I am now waxing nostalgic is because I have just hurt my back digging out from a record snowstorm (where's global warming when we need it?), and am thinking of a subtropical land where snow is not seen at habitable elevations.

However, I'm grateful to God that my wife, sons, and daughter-in-law are at my side and we will celebrate today.

Gong He Xin Xi! I'll put this in Han Zi as soon as my Chinese word processing is available.

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