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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mosab hassan Yusef

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This reports on the son of a Hamas founder who has left Islam for Christianity.

The conversion of Mosab Hassan Yusef call attention to a peculiar phenomenon little noticed by mainstream media: a movement from Islam to Christianity going on in certain quarters.

Sometimes, this movement appears due to persecution, such as the murders of a German and two Turkish Evengelicals in southeastern Turkey last year. Sometimes, it is a very quiet phenomenon, as in the number of Muslim background believers showing up in Farsi-speaking churches in America. The numbers of such people in America's "Little Tehrans" may have already outstripped the numbers of Farsi-speaking Christians from such traditionally Christian Iranian minorities as Armenians and Assyrians who are resident in the USA. In Algeria, Evangelical churches have begun among the Kabyles, representing the first stirrings of a Berber Christianity in centuries.

This news surprises and pleases me. I don't know too much about the details, but I'm pretty sure of one thing: these people did not choose Christ because someone shouted "Raghead!" or "Camel Jockey!" at them.

Christians should pray the in an era of tensions between the Islamic and Western worlds, Muslims will view the Gospel of Christ as a gate through which they are invited to pass rather than as a club held over their heads. Given the tense and often harsh history between these two religions, this will not be an easy task for Christians. But I truly believe that this is the position God would have us take.

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