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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thinkers, musicians, etc.

Here are bits of miscellaneous doggerel which I wrote in my spare time. For some odd reason, I have always loved the limerick, although I cannot claim to have any connection with the city that named it.

Old Hobbes said out loud, with a snort,
That particular lives of the sort
Unfettered by kings
Are most unhappy things:
Being nasty, brutish, and short!

Rousseau, the great libertarian,
Celebrated the noble barbarian.
Using science abysmal,
He said society's dismal,
And made politics contractarian.

Rousseau said that people are good,
And that the nasty young thugs in the hood
Obtain notoriety
From evil society,
And not out of nature or blood.

A pastor named Martin Rinkart--
His flock must have wounded his heart!
When plague killed half of them
He penned a great hymn
Entitled "Nun Danket Alle Gott".

Beethoven justly may boast
That in music he did more than most.
His setting to Shiller-
's "Ode to Joy" is a thriller,
Although he was deaf as a post.

Igor said "My_Sacre du Printemps_
Created a great contretemps.
Some Petersburg louse
Booed it out of the house,
So I took myself off to douce France!"

A guy named Muhammad said, "God
Must think it incredibly odd!
The Christians and Jews
Greet my message with boos,
And the Qureish want me under the sod!"


  1. Hi again Kephas -- sweet poetry!

    Mohammed IS under the sod. With Hitler. Unfortunately, they are teaming up and wringing every bloody ounce of evil from Hitler's last act of defiance against our holy God -- his marital suicide pact with Eva (Eve).

    Are you in California, Kephas, where Jihad Watch "is?" What do you think of this new blogger Roland Shirk?

  2. Heidi, I generally like Shirk's comments so far. I've long believed that the militant anti-theism of much of our Western elite has been a crippling influence on our culture.

    But I am not in California.