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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Jewish Conspiracy to Take Over the World--more on Revelation

Every so often, because I am a conservative, some fringe group wants to enlist my support in warning the land of a sinister Jewish conspiracy to put the whole world under a Jewish ruler. Indeed, given the Left-Islamicist alliance, it seems that such sentiments are no longer a monopoly of the loony right.

But I will add my two cents worth. There is indeed an ancient, international Jewish conspiracy to put the world under the rule of a Jewish king. It's called Christianity.

Looking at Revelation 7, I am more convinced that the Apocalypse is a densely coded picture of the Christian era.

Revelation starts with 144,000 from the tribes of Israel and moves to a great redeemed multitude from every people, tongue and nation. This looks suspiciously like the spread of the Gospel from Jerusalem and Judaea, then to Samaria, then to the ends of the earth as commanded by Christ in the first chapter of Acts. The Christian faith was first announced to the world by the Jews Simon Bar Jonah, James and John the sons of Zebedee, and others in the very shadow of the Temple itself; and from them spread not only to the Jews, but also to the Greeks. And from the Greeks it spread to everyone else.

This leads me to identify the Great Tribulation described in Rev. 7:14 is, given what is recorded in Revelation 6, nothing but the general vicissitudes of the history of a world in which redemption is still and ongoing process.


  1. Mossadegh and the shah had the same goals. They wanted the British and the entire west to get out of iran nd expel all western companies

    Mossadegh only hated the shah, because mossadegh was descended from the Qajar royal family, whom pahlavis father overthrew. His wife was also a Qajar descendant. The last Qajar shah was overthrown by pahlavi in the 1920s

    The shah later said that he would f*ck the British if they tried messing with him, and there are videos all over YouTube of him attacking british and western policy, and attacking Jews and arabs

    He was only acting more slower than mossadegh, since his father, an ally of Germany in ww2, had just been ejected from the throne by the west, and the British might have given the throne back to the Qajar hir, but the Qajar heir grew up in Britain and could not speak one word of Farsi

    Mossadegh was not a communist, he wanted revenge for his family's overthrow from the thone, he was a royalist for his own family

    He had voted against reza Pahlavi taking the throne from his cousin Ahmad shah Qajar, wanting Ahmad shah to keep the throne and Pahlavi serve as prime minister

    This is well known among Iranians that mossadegh was pro Qajar since he was a Qajar, he never acted against the monarchy when his family was on the throne

    Mossadegh was great great grandson of a Qajar shah ! His wife was a granddaughter of another Qajar

  2. And in Israel, islamophobia of Robert Spencer's type is not prevalent

    Not even Netanyahu nor other Israeli right Ingres will attack Islam, only ultra orthodox men like Ovadia Yusuf wo said Gentiles were created to serve Jews, might say something like tht, but he has not. He has oly insulted Arabs, not Islam or attacked islam

    Netanyahu is not an idiot. His brother was killed in Uganda against the pfpl hijacking, he knows full well that Christian Palestinians hate Jews.

    Munir shafiq was a Palestinian Christian, and he headed the Maoist faction in fatah, other people led pro soviet, or pro Islamist factions.

    Israel supplied captured soviet weapons from Palestinian groups in Lebanon and sent them to Pakistan to arm the mujahideen in Afghanistan, Israel never gave a flying crap about the Pakistan nuclear weapons because India was always the soviet union and the Arabs best friend

    Israel also has adyghe circassian Muslims serving in the IDF, whose ancestors fled czarist persecution in Russia like mny of the Jews themselves, Muslim arab Bedouin also serve in the IDF

    Non Bedouin Arabs, both Christian and muslim, do not serve in the IDF.

    I'd say that Israelis are afraid of and despise black African refugees more than they fear Islam or Arabs, many of the Israelis wanted the black southern Sudanese to get out of Israel when south sudan became independent, eager to be rid of them, just like egyptians who don't want sudanese refugees

    There are also mosques in Jerusalem, and Israeli Arabs have a high birth rate and no one is calling or thir removal besides Israeli price to vandals, who the Arabs racially, they vandalize both Arab Christian and Muslim graves

    Netanyahu was careful to say that Israel was not at war with Islam, an that Muslims were protected under Israeli law. If Robert pencer came to Israel to address the Knesset he'd be dragged out and banned from entering

  3. "Israeli price tag vandals who hate the Arabs racially"

    One of the common features of their vandalism are inscriptions that say death to all Arabs, and don't mention Islam at all. The only thing religious that was written was an extremely insulting statement about the prophet and a pig

    Ultra orthodox jews in Israel have regularly insulted Arabs but don't mention Islam.

    The former PM of east Timor was an arab Muslim, I do not understand why some idiots think east timers fight with Indonesia was over Islam

    East Timor also has maritime claims against Australia, they don't like Australia any more than Indonesia

    Malays also use the term "Indon" as a slur towards Indonesians, who not oly hare the same religion, but alo share racial origin

  4. Two old news articles sent to me by someone

    Thy are over 100 years old and are about histian missionaries in china. One of the reverends has pro boxer views, which may be surprising to you. He was strongly against imperialism, saying that America nd the west wre not Christian or their imperialist activities

  5. 马先生: 好久不见。 我写的文章,本来要提醒大家,基督教原来是犹太教之内的运动。您提到百年前的基督教传教士批评帝殖民制度,我不觉得奇怪。自我批评是旧约圣经所发明的。

  6. Zebra, whoever you are, does anyone believe your spiel besides yourself?

  7. 马先生:I followed your link about the Christian preacher defending the Boxers. The context was his criticism of Tamany Hall, the Democratic political machine that dominated New York City politics in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was noted for its involvement in all kinds of corruption and use of ethnic and religious rivalries to gain political control in various immigrant neighborhoods.

    The writer compared Tamany venality with that of the Boxers in China. He felt its behavior was a blot on a society that identified itself as "Christian".


    Zhengjiaohuiren hen taoyan youtaijiao. Eluosiren xie Youtairenxianshiyidingshu, bu shi huijiao shu

    Orthodox Christianity is Definetly Christianity and has an old testament.

    And iwas referring to the first link? Reverend Pentecost defended the boxers, not the other reverend MacArthur, the first article is about Pentecost

    And to anonymous, the "spiel" going on involves another blog, it may seem odd to you that I am posting what appears to be random stuff on unrelated topics. I am well aware that this has nothing to do with Jew conspracies

  9. And anonymous - ask an Israeli how worried they are about the alleged international "jihadist plot " to exterminate all Jews, ask an Iranian if mossadegh was a communist, and also ask the Israeli how he feels about black sub Saharan African refugees in israel

    Don't be surprised if he says they should get out of Israel and ban them from coming6