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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The LGBT Agenda

There are those who most loudly insist
That from other men gays can't desist.
But to say small girls like dolls,
Frills, lace, such folderols,
Is sexism which we must resist.

They say that it's all in the genes,
That makes gay and lesbian scenes.
But when small boys like trucks
And Dads who hunt ducks,
Its all from warped cultural memes.

Yes, one more case of the Left's cognitive dissonance and its dependence on short public memories.

The eager young lawyers today
For LGBT join the fray.
But in twenty-five years
They will sure hear the tears
Of young men screwed in "two daddies." play.

Then with righteous zeal suing the hairs
From groups that brought forth such affairs,
Oh won't it be funny
To see how much money
They take to retirement lairs.

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