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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Random Thoughts

The blog No Pasaran reports that Gerard Depardieu, America's favorite Frenchman, is now moving to Belgium rather than remain in his home country and face the 75% taxes that the new socialist government is imposing on his income bracket. Apparently, even the better-off, non-PIG members of the European Union are also facing up to the possibility of a tight squeeze in order to meet the obligations they've passed over the years.  Greece, it appears, is not only the prototype of Western civilization, but also of its economic collapse.


Apparently Newt Gingrich is calling on the Republicans to "evolve" over same-sex marriage.  Perhaps he is just sadly facing what appears to be "inevitable" in our republic.  However, Uncle Cephas isn't "evolving".  Even if I didn't have the Bible telling me that homosexuality in either men or women is only a corrupt fruit of idolatry, I cannot believe that a man who enjoys getting the moral equivalent of a prostate examination is healthy, and cannot believe that one who enjoys doing it to someone else is not just a little bit cruel.


The blog Jihad Watch reports that Syrian rebel factions are out to impose Sharia on the country.  Also, many suspect that the late Amb. Stevens' appointment with a Turkish diplomat in Benghazi was about getting arms to these same Syrian rebels.  However, I suspect that this will probably not upset the advocates of homosexual rights and women's liberation in America, since their real enemies are first, last, and always traditional Christian culture; and in their Kampf, Islam is an ally.

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