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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Supreme Court Fails Again

In striking down the anti-same sex marriage provisions of fourteen states, the Supreme Court has covered the United States with shame. It has proven that a determined and noisy minority may, with sufficient support from the media, impose its will on the country.  But worst of all, there is a good chance that for the sake of "rights" discovered by justices in the "penumbrae" of the Constitution, certain rights spelled out in the black and white of the text may well be sacrificed.

First of all, the Free Exercise and Free Speech clauses will come under attack.  Already, same sexual orientation provisions in state law have been used to ruin Christian business people in the hospitality and wedding catering industries who refuse to be drawn into the celebration of something they see as sin--and this by state attorney generals and judges who would never dream of upholding a suit against a halal caterer who might refuse to barbecue a hog for someone's event.It is likely that this present decision will be used to exclude conscientious Christians from public employment, education, academia, and other fields.  As a protected client group of the Democratic Party, criticism of sexual deviants--even in defense of children who may find themselves unwillingly thrust into families consisting of themselves, their fathers, and the creepy guys who edged their mothers out of the picture or via adoption or surrogate parenthood fertilization into a homosexual household--will probably be denigrated as "hate speech".  The time will also come when social workers, teachers, and others tasked with monitoring and reporting possible cases of abuse will forfeit their livelihoods if those they report on turn out to be a same-sex couple.

The conservative movement must not acquiesce in this socially damaging decision and appeal to stare decisis.  the country, for the sake of written liberty and its future generations needs conservative leadership that will be willing to roll back the "inevitable march of history" (an idol of would-be tyrants), and even to investigate and impeach dangerous federal judges.  Perhaps, on the state level, a campaign of civil disobedience should also be launched.

We have seen the great damage that the abolition of fatherhood via the welfare system has wrought on large sections of our population.  Now, the Supreme Court has decided to put traditional believers, children, and those suspicious of sexual libertinism at risk.  While the United States will, via this route, probably kill itself with a whimper rather than a bang, it has put itself in danger nonetheless.

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