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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Naqba day

Today, May 15, is the Palestinian Arabs' day of mourning.

All I can say is, get over it. You lost a war, now work to get yourselves naturalized as citizens of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, Sa'udi Arabia, and the like. In an age in which, not too long ago, Delhi-born Pervez Musharaf of Pakistan and Lahore-borb Manmohan Singh of India sat down to try to defuse South Asian tensions, it is inexcusable that the member states of the Arab League have not naturalized four generations of Falastin "refugees" in their midst.

Indeed, as the Arab Street curses America as the Great Satan for the plight of the Falastin Arabs, and the Gaza Strip dances with glee over 09/11/01, it is time for America to remind the short-sighted, bigoted, self-righteous Arab world from Mauretania to Khuzistan than America has given passport-holding, voting rights (to say nothing about property-holding rights) citizenship to more offspring of An-Naqba than any ten Arabic-speaking states put together, excepting the PA, Jordan, and Israel itself.

At this point, my only criticism of Zionist policy is that they keep on harping on the Shoah as justification for the creation of modern Israel. That was an event which ended a lifetime ago. More relevant is the fact that a slight majority of Israeli Jews are Mizrahi, people from the Islamic world, who were uprooted from Middle Eastern and North African lands where Jews had been resident for centuries before the Arabic religion was even known outside the Arabian Peninsula. Iraq, the second home of Jewry, burial place of several prophets, the land of the Babylonian Talmud, and where in the 1940's one in five Baghdadis was Jewish, is now Judenrein. Egypt, where Jews have lived since centuries before the birth of Christ, also has lost a once thriving and cosmopolitan Jewish community. Yet the offspring of these flights and uprootings are now no-questions asked Israelis.

Were it not for the Leftist Western cultural death wish,the world would unite as one to condemn the Arab states for keeping the victims of an-Naqba, their children, grand-children, and now great-grandchildren as stateless refugees.

When the Arab world, which translates fewer books into Arabic per year than much-smaller Spain translates into Spanish, looks to its own moral failings towards the Falastin refugees, Uncle Cephas will listen to its argument with much more sympathy. But not before.

BTW, happy birthday, Israel. This comes from a Christian.


  1. and you have noticed that in Thailand (a monarchy), "guest" people, are more loyal to the monarch than they would be in a state like Burma.

    This is true in Jordan as well. During the 1800s, when Russia invaded the Caucasus, Circassians and Chechens fled their homeland to the middle east, settling in syria, iraq, and jordan, when they were part of the Ottoman Empire.

    Today, circassians and chechens are among the most loyal supporters of the King of Jordan, and the Chechens still maintain their own language after 100 years, speaking Chechen as well as Arabic. Circassians form part of the royal guard, both chechens and circassians are not arab.

    However, in Syria and Iraq they have not fared well, the baath party ruled both countries, and its an arab nationalist, secularlist party, so they forced the arabization of their minorities. Very few Chechens or circasssians in Iraq and Syria now know their own language.

    (and Syria and Iraq were both soviet, and Russian allies, while Jordan was not and is not)

    However, they still maintain high positions, in Syria, some circassians serve as Generals and Iraq had several Chechen Generals during the war against Iran.

    In Jordan, one Chechen General, Abdul Latif, was involved in crushing the palestinians in Black September, and is not fondly remembered by them, the chechens are well known for being loyalists of the King, praising him as the "father" of the muslim and arab people. They are relatively well educated and live in several villages of Jordan.

    I do not think that chechens in Syria would support the regime their as strongly as Chechens in Jordan support their King.

    the monarchy allowing them to stay in Jordan and naturalizing them as citizens, and its respect for their culture has made them into loyal citizens to the King. Westerners visiting jordan and studying them have noticed this. the monarchs are more respected than presidents

    (chechens and arabs have different cultures, Arabs practice cousin marriage, while Chechens regard it as taboo, they can't marry anyone within five generations of relation, they practice bride kidnapping instead)

  2. Actually, I think that the Chechens and Circassians were in Jordan before World War One, when it was still part of the Ottoman Empire. There are Circassian communities in Israel dating from the same period of time, too.