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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Two Cents' Worth on Immigration Reform

On Newsmax, I saw that Michael Burns is calling on the GOP to embrace immigrants.

Excuse me?  Since when did the GOP not embrace immigrants? True, they didn't have the urban political machines associated with the "immigrant vote" of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but something tells me that in those days, the GOP wouldn't have had its foothold in the Midwest without the children of German and Scandinavian immigrants, and even now we see sons of immigrants such as Jindal, Cruz, and Rubio close to its heart.

My guess is that both Newsmax and Michael Burns are accepting the recent re-definition of "immigrant" as meaning someone here illegally.  This both insults the millions of immigrants in the USA who came here in full conformity to US law and allows the unscrupulous Democratic media to define the terms of debate (even after its own members have voted to put the immigration laws we now have on the books). If this is so, the GOP rightly deserves the designation of "stupid party".

The country needs to be reminded very loudly that there is a very clear path to citizenship here.  It's called legal immigration, and the USA still admits more people legally than any other country on earth.  Further, whether a legal immigrant becomes a citizen or not is his own call, after he's been here for five years.  Uncle Cephas has no desire to shut down this pathway (his own wife and daughter-in-law, plus two grandfathers, were all legal immigrants)--and does not know of a single responsible GOP spokesman who has called for such a thing.

Yes, I can't help but feel some sympathy for kids who were brought here illegally by their parents, and can see that there may be some people here illegally who may be on the wrong side of horrendous government or lawless elements at home.  Once caught, such people might well be slapped on the wrist, fined, and told to fill out a set of papers to let them stay rather than face deportation. 

But the Democratic Party's newest plan to pander is just wrong.  No country on earth can afford to erase its own borders; and it cannot be healthy to give our country a large, new population whose entry was made by scoffing at law--at least, if we are to continue to have the rule of law.

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