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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Democrats--time for YOU to Negotiate and back down

Uncle Cephas was raised not in a blue-state, but in deep indigo ones.

However, Democratic playing of politics has gone way to far.

The World War II memorial, in ordinary times, does not even have an attendant.  A reasonably healthy pedestrian may readily access it.  Yet, during the shutdown, a group of veterans in their 80's and '90's was barry-caded from it.  I salute them that they stormed it.

However, the Washington Mall is wide open to a demonstration in favor of regularizing the status of illegal immigrants.

In both cases, the administration agrees to pay for things during a shutdown.

Yes, the Democrats are playing cynical politics, too. 

Please, Senators Mikulski and Cardin, if the Affordable Care Act is so wonderful, why do you and your colleagues in the House and Senate exempt yourselves?  Why is Mr. Obama allowed to change it about five times by presidential fiat, but it becomes sacred when a Republican House wants to amend it--especially when the House is the constitutionally-mandated place to begin all bills for appropriations?


  1. And you shall know evil by it's banality, smallness in injury, and pettiness in it's works.

  2. Cepha, this is about as accurate judgement of the near and mid term future as I've seen. If you haven't already seen it over at Diplomad.

  3. The link is: