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Friday, October 5, 2012

America's Most Brilliant President

So, the local media in my deep indigo part of the USA are saying that Romney won Debate Number One.

I'm not surprised.  I recall the debates between McCain and Obama in 2008, during which the media anointed the O as "brilliant".  But the portion I saw had McCain trotting out facts, figures, and arguments, while Obama merely said "hope...change...hope...change..." like some kind of wind-up toy.  it was then and there that I decided that this President is a media-generated image, possibly even a hologram, but definitely not the "most brilliant president ever" that he's been touted to be.

Given the subservience of the MSM, and its unwillingness to probe during in age in which it seems that the ONLY secret American can keep is its "most brilliant president's" academic record, I foresee another four years of the O (Groooooaaaaaan!).  I foresee the economy gaining, but only because Rejep Erdogan's neo-Ottomanist ambitions and our misadministration's (hat tip to Diplomad 2.0) unwise support of the Syrian rebels will probably suck us into a general Sunni v. Shi'ah conflagration in the Middle East--and hence we'll get a strong wartime economy growing while the government again goes deeper into debt.

However, we do have a great God who is most wise and gracious.  But I fear that it won't be this generation seeing how in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.

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  1. I was amused by how this debate was reported. The very first reports I heard were that no knockout punch had been landed and the debate was pretty much a toss up. Then (I think based on focus groups) it was reported that Romney won the debate, but that the important challenge was winning the day after the debate. Then it was implied that Obama won the day after because he was re-energized. Then the polls came out.