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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Boy Scout Scandal

[Disclaimer: Uncle Cephas has never been a boy scout, nor has he had any connection to the Boy Scouts of America]

So, it now appears that a court in Oregon ordered files unsealed, and, lo and behold, the Boy Scouts of America stands revealed as having dropped a lot of scoutmasters for molesting kids. The pundits are self-righteously gloating over how the wholesome image of the BSA is now tarnished beyond repair.  And, of course, in the background is smirking about how the BSA have long been unwilling to let wonderful, caring homosexual men take charge of scout troops.  What typical bourgeois hypocrisy!

However, to Uncle Cephas, this list of abusers who were disallowed from serving as scoutmasters makes the BSA's unwillingness to accept known and open homosexuals all the more understandable.  Sure, they aren't perfect at keeping a danger to their clients out, but the BSA seems aware of possible dangers to their charges, and are making an honest attempt at keeping possible predators away from the vulnerable young.

As a teacher, Uncle Cephas is well aware of the sexual temptations that might be presented to someone with authority over children and youth, and knows of colleagues who've fallen afoul of laws against pederasty.  Further, Uncle Cephas approves of such disciplinary action, if only because he is a Christian who believes that the place for sex is monogamous, heterosexual marriage. 

But, let's now call for a bit of honesty about pedophelia scandals.

Are we willing to call it a problem, rather than a chance for self-styled "progressives" to hurl charges of hypocrisy at traditionalist institutions that they don't like?

Will our loud advocates of the LGBT lifestyles please explain something:  are you truly sincere in your protestations that you also oppose pedophilia?  For decades, you have been telling us that the exploration of various forms of sexuality is a beautiful thing; indeed the most fundamental element of your identity.  Can you long resist presenting pedophilia as a legitimate means of initiating the young?

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